Comparison between Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints

If you are redecorating your home, you have more opportunities to express your personality, creativity, and style uniquely. Unfortunately, with so many options of photo displays, decision-making is a little more difficult than it was a few years ago.

Acrylic printing and metal prints have become a popular option for most interior designers. What are the similarities and differences? How do you choose one print over the other? 

Metal prints, as the name suggests, are images printed on metal, usually aluminum. Acrylic printing involves either image printing on acrylic or an image on paper protected within the acrylic. Metal printing and acrylic printing Singapore have unique properties that make them an amazing choice for your home d├ęcor. 

Similarities of metal and acrylic photo prints

Custom acrylic photo prints and metal photo prints are made from premium quality materials. This is why images of both metal and acrylic prints are crisp, sharp, and eye-catching. These photo prints are also built to last. The ink used is fade-resistant. However, direct-print acrylic photos fade when placed in spaces where the image is exposed to natural elements such as sunlight. 

Both metal prints and acrylic photo print Singapore are customizable. You, therefore, have greater freedom in deciding the type of photo and text you would like to see embedded within the photo prints. 

Acrylic prints and metal prints are also easy to maintain. You only need to wipe them with a cloth to remove dust or smudges. 

Differences between acrylic photo prints and metal prints

When choosing the type of acrylic printing, you get to choose between face-mounted and direct-printing. Face-mounted printing is a process where your picture is printed on high-quality paper before it is embedded in acrylic. Direct-printing involves acrylic printing of the picture directly on acrylic. 

If you lean towards metal printing, you will need to choose between HD, Classic White, and Classic Silver. Each printing process has unique characteristics which affect the outcomes. Even when you use the same image, the outcome will be different. 

Are there spaces more suitable for metal and acrylic prints?

Yes, there are rooms where custom acrylic photo prints stand out and spaces where metal prints look great. Acrylic photo print Singapore and metal prints tend to have a high gloss finish. If you are looking for photo prints for a room with bright light, both natural and artificial lighting, classic silver and classic white metal prints may be the better option because they have low glare. 

Otherwise, you may choose to place the picture in a location away from bright light if you prefer acrylic printing. Alternatively, request the company providing acrylic printing services to apply a non-glare coating to reduce reflection on your custom acrylic photo prints. 

Metal prints and acrylic photo prints are great for outdoor spaces. However, you need to request UV protection to keep the colours from fading, especially for direct-print acrylic photos. 

If you cannot tell the difference between metal and acrylic printing Singapore, and are comfortable with either print, you need not worry. Ask the company providing acrylic printing services for the perfect one for your space. 

Fortunately, both metal and acrylic prints come with additional protection, some which you may need to request, to ensure your art keeps your room looking attractive for a long time. 

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