Which Photos are Ideal for Custom Acrylic Frames?

The cost of custom acrylic photo frames can be prohibitive. Even though you wish to use custom acrylic Singapore for all your photos, this may not be possible. You will have to decide the photos perfect for the acrylic floating frame.

Before choosing the photos to use, it is best to look at acrylic framing features and their impact on photos. 

The impact of acrylic frames on photos

What do you find striking about acrylic photos? For most people, it is the vivid and sharp colours. Often, the colours look unreal because they wouldn’t look that crisp when used on any other frames. 

The reason for the rich colour in custom acrylic photo frames is acrylic is clear. When you are looking at an acrylic picture, it feels like you see through the acrylic. You wouldn’t have the same way when looking at glass frames. 

While glass frames are clear, they are not truly transparent, at least not to the level of acrylic. This is why acrylic blocks, which are usually thicker than other acrylic frames, reveal further colour clarity because of the added depth. 

How protective features affect the photo

Acrylic is a durable material. However, sometimes, additional protective features are added to make it last longer. For example, acrylic does not scratch easily, but this does not mean it is impossible. Some people add an extra coating to increase its resistance to scratches. 

Additionally, acrylic tends to have a glare, so an anti-glare coating is sometimes added to reduce the reflection, especially if there is no flexibility on where to display it. Unfortunately, an anti-glare coating tends to reduce the sharpness of the image. 

When choosing the photos to use, consider the effect of the anti-glare coating on the acrylic picture. For example, if the photo does not have deep colours that will still stand out after the anti-glare coating, it may not be ideal to use it with custom acrylic photo frames. 

Best photos for acrylic frames

Do you have original art pieces that you fear would be damaged should the glass frame break? Such art or photos are perfect for custom acrylic picture frames because they will be safe and preserved for years. 

If you have photos you wish to convert into a family heirloom, you should consider custom acrylic Singapore. Older family members will not always be there to tell tales of the family tree. Having photo keepsakes will help future generations keep track of their roots and origins, and since acrylic photos are expected to last years, this is the best option.  

Memorable events, such as wedding photos and professional shoots, are also great for acrylic frames. These are often a once in a lifetime-shots that you want to preserve for as long as possible. 

Large artwork and photos also look great as custom acrylic picture frames. The floating frame feature of acrylic puts the focus on the large artwork. Acrylic is also lightweight, so you need not worry about the photo falling because of excess weight. Cleaning is also easier since you can easily move the frame. 

These are some of the best photos for custom acrylic photo frames. However, whichever photo you choose, it will look great. 

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