Types of Wood Used for Wooden Picture Gifts

When you look at wood photo prints, do you sometimes wonder about the type of wood? How do professionals who make wooden picture gifts in Singapore decide which wood is ideal for the photo print? Do the wood’s characteristics influence the choice? 

First, not all types of woods can be used for wood photo prints. Each business that handles wood prints chooses its preferred wood based on how well the grains take in ink. This is why you’ll find some using plywood, hardwoods, and even manufactured wood like MDF. 

Some companies prefer wood with tight grains and no knots. Cost is also a factor and often influences the price of the personalised wooden photo block. 

Some of the popular woods used include;

Hardwood Veneer Plywood

This wood has great structural stability and superfine grains. These features give wood photo prints fine details that are not so evident in other types of wood. The fine grains also make hardwood veneer plywood an excellent choice for large custom wood prints. 

The downside is this wood is expensive and not readily available. It also requires a lot of expertise in identifying the grains. This is why it is not commonly used by many companies that offer personalised photo print on wood. 

This wood is unique because it has features similar to other plywood options. However, the outer layer is of fine hardwood. This is why it is very difficult to source and identify.

Hardwood blocks

Hardwood blocks are a great alternative to hardwood plywood. It shares some of the features of hardwood plywood, such as fine-grain details and high-quality surfaces.

Unfortunately, hardwood blocks are also expensive and require an expert to identify the best wood for personalised photo print on wood. Large wood photo prints are unsuitable for this type of wood.

Some of the hardwood blocks used for wooden picture prints include maple, walnut, cherry, apple, pear, and other fruitwoods. 

Softwood blocks

Softwood blocks are the easiest wood to find and some of the most common woods for wooden picture gifts. Not only are they easy to source, but they are also cheaper than other woods. The drawback is the quality. Compared to hardwood blocks, softwoods bruise and dent easily. They also lack the fine details on the hardwood. Some softwoods, such as cedar, pine, cypress, and basswood, have proven ideal for wood photo prints. 

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

MDF is inexpensive, perfectly flat, and readily available. It works great for personalised photo print on wood. However, it lacks the fine details often seen in hardwood prints. It is also sensitive to water damage. Since it is manufactured wood, it is available in large sheets, so it is an excellent choice for large prints. 

These are the common woods used for the personalised wooden photo block. The different types of wood influence the weight of the wooden picture gifts. This is why you will find the weight of custom wood prints varying. However, this does not affect the quality of the wood prints. 

The primary focus is usually the grains and the presence or absence of blemishes as these influence the final product. 

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