How can you distinguish an oxygen facial from an ordinary facial?

While it is not impossible to accomplish healthy skin sitting at your home, a large number of people from both genders have been approaching skin are professionals if they require some extra help and expertise. Plus, one skin treatment they frequently resort to is none other than an ordinary or a basic facial. However, what is a facial and what are its functions? Although the name does not reveal much, it is a skin treatment, which can really benefit your skin, particularly since each facial is customized to the skin type of an individual. people prefer to go for oxygen facial treatment one of the most popular treatment procedure in spas today all over the world.

What is a basic or ordinary facial?

It is a facial that aims to cleanse your pores and exfoliates the skin cells that are dead. Thereafter, the treatment uses a custom mask to treat common skin issues. A basic facial aims to pamper clients by rejuvenating their faces.

Merits of a basic facial

The facial can deep cleanse your skin and can even fight some skin issues like dryness and mild acne. A facial will leave your face glowing and is quite relaxing since it also includes a massage that stimulates your blood circulation.

Every facial starts with an expert consultation, which helps an aesthetician at a good aesthetic clinic Singapore to ascertain the proper products to be applied based on your skin concerns and type. After that is ascertained, the relaxing steps of a facial starts. A majority of ordinary facials include the following 5 steps that are mentioned below:

1. Cleansing

2. Exfoliation

3. Extractions

4. Facial massage

5. A face mask

How is an oxygen mask different?

An oxygen mask aims to fight against the symptoms of aging. It is a kind of facial, which uses a noninvasive procedure, which means it does not use any needles and is free of chemicals. The technique of oxygen therapy is not a new one and has been existing since 1940s. An oxygen facial helps to rejuvenate your skin leading to healthier skin. Your skin gets well hydrated and feels balanced. Several other skin related problems disappear during this skin treatment process.

Your skin requires oxygen to survive. However, with increasing pollution all around, the way your skin tends to age and many other factors, your skin may not get the required level of oxygen, which it requires. An aesthetician will apply pressurized oxygen to your face, thus hydrating your dry skin instantly. Your skin cells are adequately replenished as soon as the oxygen comes in contact with your skin. As oxygen acts as a natural bactericide, its use on your facial skin will have a cooling and calming effect and will also destroy anaerobic bacteria.

Why is oxygen needed for your skin?

Your skin requires oxygen just like your body needs it to survive. When the supply of oxygen is not adequate for your face, you can see your complexion appearing lifeless and dull. Problems such as age spots, wrinkles and fine lines will appear faster if oxygen is not delivered to your facial skin.

Merits of going for oxygen facial

When you undergo a good oxygen facial, your skin can be benefitted in several ways. These benefits include hydrating your dry skin, improvement in the texture of your skin and increased blood circulation. Plus, an oxygen facial does not have any downtime associated with it and so it is a safe skin treatment for all types of skin. It is a perfect facial that one can go for after undergoing a laser treatment. In fact, you can even get it done during your lunch hour. An oxygen facial helps to stimulate production of collagen, restore cell nourishment and can even detoxify your skin. It can also help to accelerate your skin’s healing time. The facial is beneficial for all those who have dull and dry complexions, combination or oily skin, mature skin and active acne.

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