Spiff Up Those Tiles And Grout

There is no easy way to say it, but when you have dirt on your tiles, you have to remove the dirt immediately. If you let it build up, especially in the kitchen or the bathroom, you will find mould sticking to the grout and the tiles. Here are some natural and practical ways to keep them spic and span after buying a havoc set look at the working style of a tiles supplier in Singapore will reveal . The products we are talking about here are available in your pantry.

Lime or Lemon

Forget about buying bleach that is bound to cause damage to the tiles, use freshly squeezed lime or lemon into a bowl of hot water. Couple this with a dash of baking soda and the dirt and sludge washes off rather well.

Vinegar (go for the white variety)

Mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of water in a mug and sprinkle this over the tiles. Let it set for a couple of minutes, then get down and dirty to remove the grime. This may take a trifle longer if you have stubborn stains, but this gets those tiles nifty.

Epsom salts or Regular Table Salt

Take it out of the pantry and dust the troubled area with the table salt or Epsom salts. Leave this overnight and using a mop or brush clean away the sludge on the tiles. These are ideal for the lounge or the bedroom, but remember that you have dusted the floor with salt or you may just have an accident on waking up.

There are varieties of ways to keep your home tidy; all that you need to do is make sure that you follow protocol. The tiles supplier in Singapore abk.com.sg has a variety of pretty tiles that spiff up a place. Once they have been set, the rest is entirely up to you. In the beginning, most people are careful but after a while, laziness takes over and they look shabby.

If you are not one for cleaning up, call in professionals who can get the tiles looking as good as new. Before constantly polishing the new set of tiles or using a machine to get it in pristine condition, make sure that you do not damage the tiles. The worst thing is when you are overly clean and damage the tiles, resulting in them being chipped or with holes in them. Filling them with grout may work, but it will loosen and cause long-term damage.

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