Spiff Up Those Tiles And Grout

There is no easy way to say it, but when you have dirt on your tiles, you have to remove the dirt immediately. If you let it build up, especially in the kitchen or the bathroom, you will find mould sticking to the grout and the tiles. Here are some natural and practical ways to keep them spic and span after buying a havoc set look at the working style of a tiles supplier in Singapore will reveal . The products we are talking about here are available in your pantry.

Lime or Lemon

Forget about buying bleach that is bound to cause damage to the tiles, use freshly squeezed lime or lemon into a bowl of hot water. Couple this with a dash of baking soda and the dirt and sludge washes off rather well.

Vinegar (go for the white variety)

Mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of water in a mug and sprinkle this over the tiles. Let it set for a couple of minutes, then get down and dirty to remove the grime. This may take a trifle longer if you have stubborn stains, but this gets those tiles nifty.

Epsom salts or Regular Table Salt

Take it out of the pantry and dust the troubled area with the table salt or Epsom salts. Leave this overnight and using a mop or brush clean away the sludge on the tiles. These are ideal for the lounge or the bedroom, but remember that you have dusted the floor with salt or you may just have an accident on waking up.

There are varieties of ways to keep your home tidy; all that you need to do is make sure that you follow protocol. The tiles supplier in Singapore abk.com.sg has a variety of pretty tiles that spiff up a place. Once they have been set, the rest is entirely up to you. In the beginning, most people are careful but after a while, laziness takes over and they look shabby.

If you are not one for cleaning up, call in professionals who can get the tiles looking as good as new. Before constantly polishing the new set of tiles or using a machine to get it in pristine condition, make sure that you do not damage the tiles. The worst thing is when you are overly clean and damage the tiles, resulting in them being chipped or with holes in them. Filling them with grout may work, but it will loosen and cause long-term damage.

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Using tiles to add life to your building

If you add suitable tiles to your building, you can not only increase the value of the building, but its life as well. The main benefit you can derive by adding tiles Singapore dealers offer is that they may last for a longer period. Apart from that, you can easily clean them. In fact, if you do your research properly, you can choose the tiles that are versatile. Since tiles come in various shapes, sizes and price ranges, you can choose the ones that suit your tastes as well as your budget. Let us look at some of the ways of using tiles to your building so you can add to its lifespan.

1. Installing tile floors

If you get tiles installed for the floors of your building, you can certainly add to the life of the building because you get sturdy tiles that are long-lasting. By choosing attractive tiles, you can enhance the looks of your building also. But remember to go for the ones that go well with the color of the walls. Also remember that you should feel cozy after you have installed the tiles. Experts also suggest tiles because they are easy to maintain.

2. Adding a Backsplash

By adding a backsplash to your bathroom or kitchen, you can enhance the grace of these rooms. This means you need not compromise with the dull and boring ambiance of these rooms. Apart from adding grace to these rooms, the backsplash will make the walls behind the sink or the counters sturdier and long-lasting. But go for a backsplash that blends well with the walls of the rooms.

3. Not only floors, but walls too

You need not limit your focus to the floors of the bathroom alone. You can add tiles to the shower walls. You can even tile half-way up the bathroom wall so you can have a luxurious feel. Appropriately chosen tiles will add to the life of the walls too.

4. Make the entrance of the building grand

If your aim is not only to add life to your building but to enhance the grandness of its looks, you should choose a fabulous design and tile the entrance of the building.

5. Tile the Outside of the building

The tiles Singapore dealers offer can be used for the outside of your building also. You can spend your evenings and pleasant nights by sitting outside in such a great ambiance so you can enjoy the beauty of nature around you. By appropriately tiling the outside of your building, you will be adding life to the whole building as well.

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Design Ideas to Add Drama to the Kitchen Using Tiles

Gone are the days when tiles were restricted to flooring. Use it as an accent, backsplash or even on the island counters. The key to adding a personal touch to any space is by altering perception.

Four ideas for using tiles

Walls and Tiles: When in doubt choosing a wall color, tile it! Simple, isn’€™t it? Choose from a wide range of available tiles from kitchen tiles in Singapore. Tiled walls add an eclectic element.

Backsplash: The idea of using tiles as backsplash is more conventional than using it on the walls. Tiles are easy to clean and maintain. A little scrub down and they look as good as new. Instead of restricting choices to grays and whites, look at pop colors or even cement patterns.

Center of attention: A piece of art draws attention like nothing else. If you lack an artistic flair for selecting pieces, stick to patterned tiles. If not a picture, create your own art with distinguished placement of colored tiles. Think a block of 4×4 yellow tiles in the center of a white backsplash.

Personalize the island: If you want to add character to the kitchen but don’€™t wish to go overboard, add patterned or pop colored tiles on the island counter.

Tile pattern arrangement

Having read where tiles can be incorporated, here is an overview of different tile arrangements. Choose from one tile pattern, two tile pattern, three tile pattern, wall pattern, borders key, multiple tile pattern and large format pattern.

A splash of drama using tiles

Before you begin redecorating, pick up a theme. Nothing comes close to a fresh spring theme. To achieve this look, use glass tiles as the core element. Glass tiles are available in many shades. Cement tiles are another great choice. You can transform the kitchen into an exuberantly decorated Moroccan space by using patterned tiles in coral and khaki.

If nothing you’ve read so far has impressed you, how about reclaimed tiles? This is the perfect choice for those who want exclusive pieces in their homes. Reclaimed tiles are one of kind and are the perfect blend of simplicity and earthiness. For those who love to surround themselves with collectibles, handmade tiles are the perfect option. They are exclusively crafted using ancient master techniques.

There is no set method when it comes to design. Using these basic guidelines, you can infuse your personal style to make your kitchen look truly unique.

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Creative Ideas on Adding Swimming Pool Tiles Within the House

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear pool tiles? A swimming pool, obviously –€” the blue-lined, small-tiled walls that create a barricade and hold relaxing waters within. Swimming pool tiles are most ignored. Ever wondered why there is a special class of tiles exclusive for pools? What makes these tiles so unique and why are they synonymous with pool flooring? Here are the answers.

Swimming pool tiles are an integral part of the constitution of these relaxing water bodies. They cannot be ignored because of their two important functions: they provide the necessary cushioning effect apart from being a pretty sight. Not many of us realize that if the pools were naked with cement, it would be impossible to spend over an hour in the pool, wading. Without the tiles, swimmers would get body pain and be forced to step out of the pool sooner.

Tiles also enhance the look of the pool. Without the mesmerizing play of light, the pool wouldn-€™t look so inviting. There are five common types of tiles used: single tone, glass, mosaic, ceramic and porcelain. The bottom of the pool wouldn’€™t be visible if not for the pool tiles. They create a glossy effect by capturing and reflecting different colors depending on the tile shade. Suppliers of swimming pool tiles Singapore add that these are crucial during the process of pool resurfacing or construction.

Creative use of swimming pool tiles indoors

These tiles are best suited for wet areas. Think bathrooms, around sinks and in the kitchen as backsplash. You can create an illusion of space in a small bathroom by lining the walls with swimming pool tiles in light gray and adding a wide mirror to complete the look.

The wall behind the sink is prone to splashes and stains. You can protect the wall by either adding regular tiles or play around with flirty swimming pool tiles like purple hexagonal swimming pool tiles or even aqua green mixed with mauve to create an enchanted effect.

One option for backsplashes is swimming pool tiles. They fit the bill perfectly –€” easy to clean, nontoxic, resistant to moisture and heat, and water proof. Look into options like blue mosaic glassy pool tiles. When you add a hint of blue to the kitchen, you effortlessly transform it into a Mediterranean escape.

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