Creative Ideas on Adding Swimming Pool Tiles Within the House

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear pool tiles? A swimming pool, obviously –€” the blue-lined, small-tiled walls that create a barricade and hold relaxing waters within. Swimming pool tiles are most ignored. Ever wondered why there is a special class of tiles exclusive for pools? What makes these tiles so unique and why are they synonymous with pool flooring? Here are the answers.

Swimming pool tiles are an integral part of the constitution of these relaxing water bodies. They cannot be ignored because of their two important functions: they provide the necessary cushioning effect apart from being a pretty sight. Not many of us realize that if the pools were naked with cement, it would be impossible to spend over an hour in the pool, wading. Without the tiles, swimmers would get body pain and be forced to step out of the pool sooner.

Tiles also enhance the look of the pool. Without the mesmerizing play of light, the pool wouldn-€™t look so inviting. There are five common types of tiles used: single tone, glass, mosaic, ceramic and porcelain. The bottom of the pool wouldn’€™t be visible if not for the pool tiles. They create a glossy effect by capturing and reflecting different colors depending on the tile shade. Suppliers of swimming pool tiles Singapore add that these are crucial during the process of pool resurfacing or construction.

Creative use of swimming pool tiles indoors

These tiles are best suited for wet areas. Think bathrooms, around sinks and in the kitchen as backsplash. You can create an illusion of space in a small bathroom by lining the walls with swimming pool tiles in light gray and adding a wide mirror to complete the look.

The wall behind the sink is prone to splashes and stains. You can protect the wall by either adding regular tiles or play around with flirty swimming pool tiles like purple hexagonal swimming pool tiles or even aqua green mixed with mauve to create an enchanted effect.

One option for backsplashes is swimming pool tiles. They fit the bill perfectly –€” easy to clean, nontoxic, resistant to moisture and heat, and water proof. Look into options like blue mosaic glassy pool tiles. When you add a hint of blue to the kitchen, you effortlessly transform it into a Mediterranean escape.

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