Design Ideas to Add Drama to the Kitchen Using Tiles

Gone are the days when tiles were restricted to flooring. Use it as an accent, backsplash or even on the island counters. The key to adding a personal touch to any space is by altering perception.

Four ideas for using tiles

Walls and Tiles: When in doubt choosing a wall color, tile it! Simple, isn’€™t it? Choose from a wide range of available tiles from kitchen tiles in Singapore. Tiled walls add an eclectic element.

Backsplash: The idea of using tiles as backsplash is more conventional than using it on the walls. Tiles are easy to clean and maintain. A little scrub down and they look as good as new. Instead of restricting choices to grays and whites, look at pop colors or even cement patterns.

Center of attention: A piece of art draws attention like nothing else. If you lack an artistic flair for selecting pieces, stick to patterned tiles. If not a picture, create your own art with distinguished placement of colored tiles. Think a block of 4×4 yellow tiles in the center of a white backsplash.

Personalize the island: If you want to add character to the kitchen but don’€™t wish to go overboard, add patterned or pop colored tiles on the island counter.

Tile pattern arrangement

Having read where tiles can be incorporated, here is an overview of different tile arrangements. Choose from one tile pattern, two tile pattern, three tile pattern, wall pattern, borders key, multiple tile pattern and large format pattern.

A splash of drama using tiles

Before you begin redecorating, pick up a theme. Nothing comes close to a fresh spring theme. To achieve this look, use glass tiles as the core element. Glass tiles are available in many shades. Cement tiles are another great choice. You can transform the kitchen into an exuberantly decorated Moroccan space by using patterned tiles in coral and khaki.

If nothing you’ve read so far has impressed you, how about reclaimed tiles? This is the perfect choice for those who want exclusive pieces in their homes. Reclaimed tiles are one of kind and are the perfect blend of simplicity and earthiness. For those who love to surround themselves with collectibles, handmade tiles are the perfect option. They are exclusively crafted using ancient master techniques.

There is no set method when it comes to design. Using these basic guidelines, you can infuse your personal style to make your kitchen look truly unique.

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