What You Should Know Before Customising Polo Shirts in Singapore

Grey polo shirt on the table
Grey polo shirt on the table

Why Are Corporate Organizations Getting Polo Tees

Corporate organizations and various retail outlets often prefer custom polo shirts as official wear for the employees. They are also frequently given out as gifts to loyal customers and during product promotions. This is mainly because polo shirts are comfortable, smart, and durable.

Before printing custom polo t-shirts in Singapore, there are several things you need to consider. 

The Material

Interestingly, at a glance, many people assume that custom polo shirts Singapore are made from the same material. While it is true that most polo shirts feel the same, you have options when it comes to the type of material. Cotton and cotton-polyester blends are preferred for polo tee printing in Singapore. 

Cotton is an awesome choice if the polo tee is worn outdoors. Cotton is lightweight, soft, and has a cooling effect on a hot day. 

Cotton and polyester blended polo shirts are great for corporate and indoor wear because these polo tees are durable, don’t wrinkle, and are easy to clean. 

The Size And Fit

Before ordering polo tee printing Singapore, you need to know what size of custom polo shirts you need. If you are buying for corporate employees, you need to know the various sizes you need to buy. 

If the custom polo shirts Singapore are for promotional use to be given as gifts for people whose sizes you do not know, then you should order different sizes so that each person gets a polo shirt that fits them. 

Custom polo shirts Singapore look great when they are the perfect fit. These tees come in sizes S, XS, M, L, and XL. 

Choose A Print Design And Colour That Suits The Polo Shirt.

Polo shirts already look great as they are. Customising a polo tee will enhance its appeal when it is done right. If you are placing your company logo, consider how the colours would look on polo shirts of different colours. 

If you want to maintain your company colours on the logo, choose polo tees that will enhance the logo’s appearance. You should also discuss your design ideas with the people providing printing services for guidance. 

What Is Your Preferred Sleeve Length?

Although short-sleeved polo tees are more common, you also have the option of going for those with long sleeves. Your choice will depend on your preference. For example, some businesses feel long sleeves look more official. If you seek a casual look, custom polo shirts Singapore with short sleeves is ideal. 

Screen Printing Vs. Embroidery

When customising polo tees, you have the option of a screen print or embroidery. You need to consider the most suitable for polo tee printing in Singapore. Embroidery is often preferred because of the attractive outcome. However, if you prefer screen printing, you need to ensure the quality of the polo shirt is ideal for this type of printing. 

Customising polo tee shirts is more involved than t-shirt printing. You need to plan ahead if you need to have the t-shirts for a specific occasion or within a specific time. Discuss the logistics and your expectations with the company handling the polo tee printing in Singapore to ensure you get the custom polo tees in time. 

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