How a Personalised EZ Link Card Can Help Grow Your Business

More than 40 million EZ Link cards have been issued to Singaporeans over the past 20 years. Although other cashless cards have since been introduced in the market, EZ Link continues to be a favorite for most Singapore residents.

Today, many businesses and corporate institutions use the customised ezlink card for marketing their products and services. Your business could also benefit from the ezlink card design bearing your logo and contacts. 

Reach millions of potential clients

Marketing a product or even business is an expensive and sometimes unrewarding affair. If you asked various large companies how they beat their competitors, most would tell you the marketing campaign which worked. You will also discover that many campaigns failed, despite heavy investments. 

As a business owner, you need to use a marketing strategy that is likely to reach millions are a fair price. Each Singapore household probably has one or more customised ezlink cards. Whenever the cardholder uses the EZ-Link card with your logo and details, more people will see it. 

This will expose your business to more potential clients, possibly more than any other marketing strategy. 

Out of sight, out of mind

Any business has to keep reminding clients that they are still providing services. This is why large corporations, known all over Singapore, continue to have a large marketing budget. In business, there is no such thing as over marketing. You need to be in your clients’ space as often as possible. Otherwise, they will replace you with your competition. 

When more people have a personalised ez link card bearing your company profile, they will always have you in their pocket and wallet. Every time they pay for services, they will be reminded of your business. 

Launch new products

When you introduce a new product, it will be popular much faster if you can reach more people. You can do this best by personalising the ezlink card design. Since more people are turning into the cashless payment system, you can easily reach thousands of people at the same time by putting details of the new product on customised ezlink cards.

EZ-Link cards expire after five years.

Imagine putting out an advert for your business and have it run every day for five consecutive years. If it were any other type of advertising, this would cost your company an arm. However, with the customised ezlink card, your logo and business details remain on the card until the owner replaces it when it expires five years later. 

So, when you put your business on the ezlink card design, you can be sure that you will have thousands of people holding your company business card for five years. If you do this every year, you will have even more years of your business details circulating all over Singapore.

Undoubtedly, there is much to gain from putting your company details on customised ezlink cards. Since the details will be on each card for years, it is best to be strategic to ensure your business reaps the benefits for the period the card will be in circulation. 

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