Top Tips on How to Achieve the Best Custom Embroidery 

embroidered dark green shirt
embroidered dark green shirt

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery has always been a classy addition for customised items, such as polo shirts and caps. Customised embroidered slogans and logos are often favoured because they are durable. The range of colours of embroidery threads is also an advantage since you cannot fail to get one that matches your company’s colours. 

Before requesting custom embroidery printing in Singapore, you should consider these tips. 

Create a Simple Design

Simple embroidered designs are easy to identify. For example, one can easily identify the polo logo because of its simplicity. Unlike other prints, such as screen and sublimated prints, the embroidery stitch has a thicker line. So, complex designs can easily become ambiguous. 

Marketing an embroidered product with a complex design can be a nightmare. You are likely to spend more time trying to explain something as simple as a logo because, at a glance, it will not be obvious even to those who know it. 

However, oversimplifying the design is also not an alternative. You will have to have a perfect balance between having a simple and effective design. 

Consider The Type of Fabric.

Embroidery printing has limitations, one of which is it is most suitable for knits and denim fabrics. Since the fabric is a little thick, the embroidery thread will hold and even withstand regular washes. 

Fabrics like cotton and other lightweight fabrics are best customised using other printing techniques, such as screen printing. When embroidered, after a few washes, some cotton t-shirts will start showing signs of wear around the embroidery stitches. 

If you have to embroider cotton shirts, it is best to go for the heavier fabric, with a minimum thread count of 200. A fabric with a higher thread count is more tightly weaved the fabric is, so the design is unlikely to get distorted by the embroidery stitches. 

Always Go Small, Even If You Have Space For A Large Print.

Custom embroidery looks awesome when the design is small. Have you ever wondered why polo and Lacoste shirts have a small logo on the left side of the shirt instead of a large embroidered print at the centre of the shirt? 

The logo is easily recognized, and the t-shirt maintains a classy appeal. You can play it safe by picking areas with a smaller surface area to place the embroidered logo. Areas such as the sleeve and right or left chest are ideal. 

Use the Right Embroidery Thread.

The type of embroidery thread is almost as important as your choice of fabric. Good quality embroidery thread is essential if you are to achieve great custom embroidery printing. When choosing the embroidery thread, you need to know the results you seek. 

Heavy gauge embroidery threads are great for creating more texture. If your design is delicate and requires the use of multiple colours, finer gauge threads are excellent since multiple colours blend perfectly. 

Get An Experienced Service Provider.

While it is good to know what a good custom embroidery stitch should look like and the best fabric to use, you will be in an even better position if you use a knowledgeable embroidery service provider in Singapore. 

You need someone who will point out errors in your design or choice of fabric. A company with the right experience will take steps to ensure your custom embroidered looks great. 

If you are ordering custom embroidered products for the first time, these tips will guide you to make the right decision. 

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