The Important Facts Of Lip Fillers

There is no doubt that lips play an important role in enhancing your beauty, so you should take care of your lips. If you want to have fuller lips, you should consider a lip fillers Singapore treatment . These are injectable dermal fillers that are specially designed for producing beautifully shaped lips and restoring natural plumpness. Lip fillers are preferred over surgeries because they are less expensive and safer to use. Moreover, it offers volume to your lips without any trouble.

> How do lip fillers work?

As lips are a sensitive part of the body, the doctor will apply a local anesthetic on your lips to make your lip area numb and so you will not feel pain during the treatment. After this, lip fillers are carefully injected into the lips and this whole process takes about half an hour to complete.

Types of lip enhancement injections

* Collagen injections:-

There are some doctors who use human-based collagen fillers for enhancing your lip area. The collagen injections are biocompatible and give results that can last for 4 months or more.

* Hyaluronic Acid Based Injection:-

Hyaluronic acid is a clear and safe gel containing polysaccharide, which is present in human skin and tissues. These lip fillers greatly enhance the look of your lips by adding volume, structure and shape to it. However, the results will be temporary if you utilize hyaluronic acid based injections.

* Fat injection:-

Most doctors suggest these injections due to its long lasting results. It will give your lips the desired and correct shape. In the fat transfer procedure, the doctor utilizes a syringe for extracting fat from the fatty areas of your body like buttocks, then wash it with saline and re-inject it into the lip area by using local anesthesia so that you can feel comfortable during treatment.

> What would be the cost of lip enhancement treatment?

The cost of the lip enhancement procedure will depend upon the needs of each individual. A full syringe will cost you around œ290 whereas 0.5ml syringe will cost you œ215. There are also some doctors who can provide you with free consultation prior to the lip enhancement procedure.

Advantages of lip fillers

The lip fillers will offer you the following advantages.

* Your thin lips will look fuller.
* It will give your lips a youthful aspect.
* The corners of the mouth will turn upwards.
* It will also provide you a more defined smile.

Effects after lip enhancement treatment

You may experience some tenderness, swelling and bruising after the procedure. You can get relief from the discomfort within 7-10 days. Ice can also help you in reducing lip swelling. After that, you will be left with gorgeous fuller lips.

It is advisable to not apply lipstick to your lips after the lip enhancement treatment. If you feel itching around the lips or ulceration, you should contact your doctor without wasting any time. It is advisable to strictly follow the instructions of the doctor after treatment.

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Do’s and Don’ts for Cosmetic Procedures in Salons and Spas

With increasing love towards the trend of a flawless face and perfect body shape, it is common for people to use different varieties of cosmetic products. There is no doubt that the market is flooded with various brands dealing in cosmetics but the selection completely depends upon individual’s skin type. It is not good to keep following brands and trends blindly because at one stage, you will realise this mistake and your skin will suffer.

The price ranges of spa and salon services have been increased by a great amount within the last few years due to increasing popularity. However, medical science has also invented some permanent solutions to all your beauty needs.

Aesthetic clinics in Singapore have tested many cosmetic procedures and their results are observed to be effective without any risk of complications. But ensure that you follow the advice of the expert doctors or surgeons in order to benefit from the latest technologies, as one mistake in the procedure due to lack of knowledge can lead to major trouble at a later stage. In order to educate consumers of the benefits of aesthetic cosmetic treatments, some professionals are launching informative campaigns online. It is good to stay connected with the informative community in order to get a complete knowledge of the subject.

Below are a few details about Do’s and Don’ts related to cosmetic treatments:


* The first requirement is to the select appropriate location for your treatment. Be aware of the services located outside the office of any physician, such as the store front of shopping mall, any spaa or salona etc. Such locations do not have any expert medical staff or necessary emergency services so if something goes wrong, it cannot be handled accurately. Offices that are owned by doctors must be selected for their trustworthy services.

* Ensure that doctors are available at the time of treatment because these procedures must be performed by trained experts only. A dermatologist who is board-certified to complete cosmetic surgeries must be supervising the process all the time.

* Check all credentials to ensure that they are really certified to work on such procedures. Ask about their background and ensure that you are at the right place for your surgery.

* Have discussions regarding pain management needs and collect information about risks as well as benefits associated with treatment.


* Never trust people who offer you cosmetic treatments in hotel rooms as these medical procedures must be performed in proper medical settings.

* Do not choose a service just for the sake of the price range because the quality of treatment should not be sacrificed at any cost.

* Do not feel afraid of asking questions. It is good to make your doubts clear earlier on instead of facing troubles at a later stage.

* Avoid undergoing surgeries without the supervision of trained physicians.

* If you feel that something is not right, then don’t hesitate to walk away. Consider your safety as the first priority.

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Exilis Elite Treatment for Body Contouring

Exilis Elite is one of the most useful treatments for reducing the appearance of cellulites in a non-invasive manner. Many patients have undergone this process and the results observed are really impressive without any side effects.

Currently, a large number of professionals in the US use Exilis Elite for body contouring treatments. It works with a combination of radio frequency and ultrasound that can easily reduce cellulite as well as deposited fat from body. It can also treat sagging skin and wrinkles. In liposuction, experts make use of invasive procedures so they are much more painful than choosing to go with an Exilis Elite treatment, as it is a non-invasive treatment with added comfort and relief.

Areas for treatment:

As Exilis is a specially designed non-surgical treatment, it demands use of specially designed machines over a wide area of skin. There are many treatment options available with Exilis Elite procedures:

1. It can be implemented on the tummy.

2. Users can benefit from this non invasive technology for fat reduction for the inner as well as outer thighs.

3. Buttocks can be treated as well.

4. Jowls and Jaw line is well-suited for this treatment.

5. It can work for neck as well as around the eyes with safety.

6. Can be used for fat reduction on the inner as well as outer arms.

How it Works?

Exilis Elite work with combination of ultrasound and radio frequency technology where areas under the skin are heated using targeted energy adjustments. This process helps to remove fat cells by heating the fat cells and causing them to spill their contents, with the excess removed from the body through natural processes. Exilis actually boosts the production of collagen inside the body that helps to repair skin from all harm and creates a firmer, smoother and youthful appearance.

Benefits of Exilis Elite:

* It is an award-winning fat reduction treatment.

* Highly useful for cellulite reduction and can provide results within a short amount of time.

* Can improve the appearance of wrinkled skin and sagging.

* It is approved by the FDA in the USA so it is considered as safe to use.

* Can treat almost all areas of of the body and face.

There are many clinics around the world where Exilis treatment is available and some well-trained expert follow different procedures to help patients get rid of unwanted fat. Accumulation of unwanted fat cells inside body parts is really a big issue for the present generation and it slowly starts affecting our routine life schedules. Therefore, it is much better to completely rid yourself of this issue. All that you need to do is contact a Exilis Singapore expert and book your appointment for treatment. Ask for available packages and if it suits to you, go for at least 4 sessions to ensure complete results. The longevity of treatment is a major issue for patients as it must last for years after implementation; according to previous studies, it is observed that Exilis can ensure youthful skin.

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