Turning the house into a home

A house is nothing more than a basic unit of living. It has four walls and a roof. It can range from a mobile home to a castle. It hardly matters what the exterior is. Having a house is a basic necessity. The house must have the fundamental facilities of having proper ventilation, proper plumbing, water supply and electricity. A house can have one room or many rooms. It can be made of various material like concrete, stone, bricks or even wood, to suit the climatic conditions. The etymology of the word ‘house’ can be traced back to the old English word hus which means a shelter or a dwelling.

The layout of a house is usually done by an architect. Architects lay out the blueprint of the house as they are professionally proficient in doing so. However, the inhabitants may ask for some customization to be done to the layout. Also a lot of legal issues, like getting the plan sanctioned, is involved in construction of a house. After all this is taken care of, one can build a house.


However, building a house is not enough. What makes a difference is when the house gets turned into a home. What really makes a house turn into a home is when the inhabitants add their personal touch to the house. A house, when it houses personal artefacts, mementoes and memories associated with, becomes a home. The interior design is crucial in making a home out of a house. Each home is unique in its own way as each individual is different from the other. Every home with its personal touch gains an individuality. How we decorate the walls is a crucial way of depicting our tastes and thereby giving our homes a personal look.

In Singapore, everybody is chasing a busy life. They are all after a higher salary and a better living standard. In spite of such pressures, still family and home remains to be the center of importance for the people of Singapore. Hence they are very careful about how they decorate their houses.

Wallpapers in Singapore are found in plenty as decorating the walls with wallpaper is one of the easiest ways of adding a personal touch to the walls. There a many wallpaper manufacturers as customized wallpaper in Singapore is used a lot . This gives a very personal touch to the home and adds a unique flavor to it. Thus wallpapers play a crucial role in turning a house to a home.

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