Get The Bold Color Right With These Tips

More often than not, we end up choosing the wrong wall color. Bold colors are in and sadly most picks are aesthetic disasters than

trends. The main reason why the end of a paint job is greeted with downcast faces against the expected enthusiastic smiles is for the

simple reason that something went wrong and the color doesnt look right. Fashion and color trends are fickle and it is close to impossible

to get the combination right. There are some things in fashion which remains constant and unchanged. These factors are understood only when you understand the science of colors.

Color cues to go bold

A single color is capable of creating an array of tones and looks. Think of soft colors like pink, which when mixed with white get lighter.

There are other colors, the primary group, which are bright and independent.

In general, maintain a single color theme for the house. Start small and pick one color. When using a Wallpaper in Singapore the

chances of ending up with a look of resignment, is minimized. You can have multiple colors but a room in purple, a hall in red and doorway in orange, just does not work.

You know youve made the right color choices when there is a flow. Think going bright- to light in a shade of gray, or any other color.

You could alternatively, choose one single look of saturated colors (choose colors which resemble gems) or pastel tones

Learn to walk before you run. If going bold is just not something you can wrap your head around, dont push it. Instead, buy a bold color

highlight accessory like a rug, pillow or curtains. The intension is to add color, start with an accessory, then move on to a painting, end with a colored wall.

If youre sure that you want to paint a room in bold color, but are indecisive, satiate the need by painting a small area. Add a dash of

yellow or orange in the living room. Another preferred experimenting area is the powder room. Use color to create a focal point. Refrain from painting

the walls green, in the space, or you will end up looking the green monster every time you look in the mirror.

Refreshing color combination ideas

A splash of refreshing color breathes life into living spaces. If you feel that the time to change the boring room into a captivating conversation parlor,

here are few color suggestions.

Blue+ Gray+ Raspberry: A colored wall is a job half done without supportive accessories. If you have a room with a blue wall, look into gray pillow

covers and bed spreads. An additional raspberry pillow adds a zing of color.

Cabana Pink + Teal + Coral: A bold color combo which beautifully manages out is this combination of teal, coral and cabana pink. Bright colors play

off a solid base when the walls are painted in green-blue shade.

Gray+ Navy Blue+ Orange: You want neutral but loud, here is the winning combination. Gray wall, blue couch and orange pillows. Big and loud color

decision often starts with a neutral base.

Deep blue+ Yellow+ Turquoise: Pair dark colors with lighter shades to overcome the restricted feeling exuded by deep wall paints. Dark colors are

effective in creating cozy spaces.

Green+ White+ Yellow: A wonderful combination this, but needs the right detailing. Use this experimental combination for the kids room.

White+ Black + Burnt Sienna: A winning combination for the dining room. White table, black seats and red wall.

Adding color is the amalgamation of not just walls, but the orchestrated visual show put on by furniture and other accessories. Get it all right and ensure all pieces fit in.

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