Facials And Peels For A Rejuvenated Look

Who does not crave for youthful, glowing and flawless skin? Well almost all of us do.

With the range of beauty products and services that are made available nowadays, one can pamper oneself to no end with the right resources.

While therapeutic facials at Singapore aesthetic clinics treat problems related to skin, provide healing, give anti-ageing benefits and prepare the skin for absorption of skincare products, Image peels make use of high quality anti-ageing ingredients that treat problems of the skin giving it a well maintained look.

Depending on a person’s requirement, apt therapeutic facials are recommended. Some of the popular and proven facial treatments include Ultimate anti-ageing facials, Collagen Boost treatment, O2 intraceutical facial, customized facial, clear skin facial etc.

Ultimate anti-ageing facial is actually a combination of various techniques like microdermabrasion, chemical peel, stem cell mask, lymphatic drainage, red light therapy, oxygen facial etc. It is a luxury facial which shows immediate effects.

Collagen Boost treatment makes use of a very important ingredient for good skin health, Collagen. It combines light therapy and a rejuvenating facial and helps the skin to produce collagen which then promotes good healthy glowing skin.

O2 intraceutical facial or better known as the secret behind Madonna’s ever youthful skin, this facial in basically is a combination of oxygen and low weight molecular hyaluronic acid.

Customized facials, as the name suggests, is customized according to an individual’s need such facial for a teenager or one for a pregnant mother etc.

Suitable for all kinds of problem skin, Clear skin facial is a therapeutic facial that clears up the skin of pimples, blemishes and hyper pigmentation.

Image peels are a solution to skin problems such as dry, unhealthy, sensitive, acne prone, dull skin and hyperpigmatation  skin problem. This is a blend of high power anti-ageing ingredients vitamin C, alpha and beta hydroxyl acids with natural ingredients like aloe vera and treat the skin and restore fresh and youthful skin.

Vitamin C peel hydrates and brightens the skin and gives it the much needed glow. Another image peel which is called brightening treatment combines Vitamin C, kojic acid and some anti-inflammatory ingredients exfoliates skin which results in brightening and lightening it.

Pimples and pore treatment peels as well as acne treatment peels are a combination of alpha and beta hydroxyl acids and certain anti inflammatory agents which help combat pimples and pores and acne too.

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