Things to Be Mindful Of When Painting a Feature Wall

Things to Be Mindful Of When Painting a Feature Wall


Feature wall—or also known as accent wall is not just any other wall in the house. It holds a special characteristic that introduces a whole new atmosphere of a room. Therefore, when choosing side as our feature wall, a careful and thorough inspection should be done first. Initially, the location should be evaluated, will the feature wall stand out in that specific corner or will it look awkward and disturbing? Nonetheless, aside from all the technicalities—creativeness and resourcefulness will give extra credit to the desired accent wall. There is no doubt with what feature walls can contribute to a household but here there are things that makes it chaotic and everyone should know about it.

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Here are the dos and don’ts of the feature walls and writer, Lauren Flanagan will explain to us in this article.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Feature Walls

DON’T randomly select a wall to highlight. The feature wall should be used to highlight the room’s existing focal point.

DO make sure that whatever color or pattern you choose complements the rest of the room. Read more here

There are many different ways to design a feature wall and actually, they are just endless. The only limit is the mixture of color, texture, pattern and the intensity it gives. The combination is infinite but the question is, will it flatter or will it clash with each other? At this point, we should keep in mind that feature walls is necessarily meant to be exaggerated. A bold but calm look will fit just right. Today, feature wall designer opt to a minimal and sleek design and still gives the same effect feature walls from the past do, highlight a focal point. By the time you have decided what color and details to put, you most probably have found the perfect spot for it.

However, if you are still not completely convinced, this article by SilkInteriors might help you make your mind up.

Which wall should you choose for your feature wall?

Choose the wall that makes the maximum impact when you walk into the room.

If you’re paying good money to create a feature wall with one of our stunning wallpaper designs, you want to make sure it grabs maximum attention. See full article here

What makes a creative stuff is a mind that thinks outside the box and this is how we know if a person has advanced knowledge or a novice in a certain field. If you hire a professional interior designer for your feature wall, expect suggestions and ideas that you will be hearing for the first time and some of them might weird you out. There is nothing wrong with that and there is also absolutely nothing wrong with doing it yourself because by learning on your own, you will be able to generate original ideas if you just practice. And because we are both starters, the safest and best option is to seek advice from the experts. There are lots of designs to check out and you can use for inspiration online, unlike the old times, sources are unlimited.

In our last article, we will read tips and pieces of advice from HousePaintingTutorials.Com on painting feature walls.

Tips for Painting Accent Walls

Unlike what most people think, the first wall that you see when you enter a room is not always the best one to accentuate.

In fact, there are many more decisions involved, and the following guidelines will help you determine which wall to choose. Read more here

When we DIY, we are prone to mishaps and errors but it should not be discouraging. Some people are just too afraid of changes to—or particularly, too afraid of colors. In reality, we can get as much assistance as we need from the skilled ones and of course, might cost us a little more amount but if it is for the better, then why not? Painting accent walls are not financially distressing especially if you have prepared for it. You can choose between paint and wallpaper which has a little difference with the price and each one has their own advantage and disadvantages.

Feature wall—or any kind of upgrade with design is an adventure. This can unlock a lot of potentials a mere wall side has if we are keen enough to see it. Be careful of decisions out of excitements though, because sometimes we just fall in love with idea but not with the result itself. Designers always remind their clients of the pros and cons of featuring a wall and help them pick the best side to add accent to. Feature walls are a thing of the past but just like the wallpapers, it’s making a big comeback and it’s our turn to innovate the style.

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Tips To Improve Your Home Decor

If you walk through your house and do not like what you see, you are not alone. Perhaps you could use an upgrade or you want visitors to be impressed. Maybe you are tired of looking at the same old thing. These helpful tips for improving your home decor can make your house more beautiful and convenient.

When you need more space there may not be any more room to expand. However, you can create a great deal more space with the right kind of shelving. Plus, you don’t have to be a carpenter to install some of today’s shelf products. They are simple and many of them do not require any finishing. You can also get a lot of cheap decorations from Softhome Window Film Singapore.

When it comes to decorating a house, less is better. If you put too many furnishings and things into a room, it makes it look crowded and small. Not only that, it can give you a feeling of being “hemmed in” and this is not a good feeling to live with every day.

Try going with as few things in a room as possible. You may have to take some of your belongings to the basement or garage or even place them in a storage locker. In fact, this could be a good time to have a garage sale.

Lower your artwork and paintings. If you are like most people, you like to hang things as high up as you can reach. However, this can make it hard for you and your visitors to appreciate a work of art. This is the reason professionals at galleries hang their paintings so the center is about five feet from the floor. It may take some getting used to, but you will soon notice a difference.

Go for your own unique look. You don’t have to decorate in a Mediterranean, Cape Cod, or any other kind of theme. In fact, these looks have been used so often, they are becoming too common. It’s easy to separate yourself from the rest by going with what appeals to your eyes. In fact, you can create any kind of eclectic look as long as your colors match and the rooms seem to be balanced.

Refurnish your rooms. Go over every room in the house and check to see what doesn’t belong. Maybe you’ll need to place some things in other parts of the house. You may need to remove them completely. When you refurnish your house, you can create a more organized look and this helps people feel relaxed and at ease.

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